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Dorin's Wedding

Here's Dorin's Wedding.
Doesn't she look amazing? These photos are really special, this wedding looks like so much fun.
Thanks you for sending them to share. Everyone loves looking at wedding pics.
Working with Dorin was so special for to reasons. The first was because she is so delightful and enthusiastically worked with me on making her pieces and secondly because Dorin's pieces marked the rebirth of my business. Whilst I had previously has businesses in bridal accessories, I had  had a break for a few years. I started up  my Etsy store actually selling hand crafted clothing children's clothing and hair accessories.
I threw a few bridal accessories in for fun as I had loads of Swarovski and componentry laying around and look what happened!
Now it's my obsession, so thank-you Dorin, your wedding started something more than you knew.

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  1. Im delighted to shout your name from the rooftops whenever anyone asks about my accessories. you made my dream a reality, thank you xxxx