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My Custom Policy

I do alot of custom work and LOVE it. If you are looking for a Lulu custom, here is some information you might like to know.
How does the design process work.
Generally, it goes like this....

Send me an email or Etsy convo stating what you are looking for.
This can be as simple as wanting one of my items in another colour, wanting it bigger or smaller or feathers added....
Or, perhaps you would like a motif in your fabric reflected in your accessories, or maybe you want to match your Grandmothers pearls and have other items made to complete the set. Or perhaps you have had an idea of what you want from the minute you started planning your wedding but its just not available or maybe you don't have a clue at all, but you know you want SOMETHING!

What information should you provide
Send me as much information as you can about the look you are trying to achieve. This would probably be a photo of your dress, pictures of any existing accessories you are planning on wearing, information on the size of the pieces, the metal finish, trim finish (pearl, crystal, rhinestone etc) An idea of how you are wearing your hair is always a good idea too.
Basically, as much information as you can, but don't stress to much as I will always ask if there is something I need to know.

How does the initial design process work
After I have a reasonable idea of what you are looking for I will provide you with photos of a similar piece I have done indicating custom changes, or a mock up idea using actual components. Whichever works best to provide the clearest information to you.
At this stage I will often provide a quote.

How long does a custom take to make
Customs vary in production time.
Most customs take me 3-4 weeks. If ou prder is large or complex, up to 6 weeks.

Allow postal time on top of production time when calculating timelines.

What does a custom cost
If you want one of my existing pieces made but in a different colour, its generally the same price.
Anything else, I really have to quote individually.

What colour metal finishes can you do?
All my pieces are made by me, and dos I can offer you differnt coour finihes.
Gold tones:
  • vintage brass
  • gold
  • Russian gold 
Silver tones:
  • white gold
  • silver
  • antique silver

What materials do you use?
My base metal is brass. My components are sourced in the USA and Europe. They are vintage or vinatge tooled.
To trim my jewelry and accessories I use Swarovski Pearls, crystals, beads and Rhinestone Diamonte. They are the best available.
From time to time I use other materials if it adds to the design.

Will you copy something I have seen elsewhere?
I am happy to make pieces that co-ordinate with your existing jewellery or jewellery purchased elsewhere, but I dont copy others work.

Will you copy one of your custom orders for me?
Yes! If you have seen one of my customs and would like it for yourself, just ask, provided I have all the same materials available, I am happy to re-make.

Can I send you photos of accessories and jewelry I have seen and liked?
Sure! Often this is great way of communicating what you are looking for. Sometimes it might reflect the look, shape, size, colour or finish you are looking for. I will use these pictures as reference in designing your piece, in conjunction with the other information you have given me, to design something new.

Do you have a design catalog?
I am using this blog as my design catalog. I will add my custom designs and new stock designs as I go.
I have Facebook page where I will upload pics to as well.
You can also look at my Etsy sold items HERE.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
After I have designed for you and given you a quote, you will need to pay a 1/3 deposit before I proceed. The balance is due on completion.

How do I receive my order?
I post all over the world and all postage costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. I generally send via airmail.

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes, If you ever have any issue with any Lulu Splendor item, please contact me.

Do you accept returns?
No, all sales are final.

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