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My new Model

It's not really that Grace doesn't do a wonderful job modelling for me, its just that I need a model on hand to shoot picture at convenient times for me. I actually have a back log of pieces to list, and this way I can shoot pics of most of my items actually on a real life sized gal for reference.
She is currently having her ear lobes remodelled so she can wear a variety of earrings. You will notice she is bald.... Her hair is on the way!
Now she needs a name. Any Suggestions???


  1. Well her name should be Lulu of course!! ;)

  2. Lulu is a lay down misere! Kelly
    But will mention Mercedes anyway :)
    Representing quality,fine design, and superior craftsmanship all Lulu Splendor attributes! Also a fabulous character in "The Count Of Monte Cristo" one of my favourite books.

  3. Lulu, definitely. But, if she's feeling elegant, we can call her Tallulah.

  4. Oh yes....I like Tallulah....very elegant!