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Kathy's Jewels and her Mum's too

Would you believe that over the last few months I haven't had  a time when I haven't had multiple Kathy's in my life?  An amazing amount of Kathy's, Kate's and Katherine's have found their way to my Lulu shop. I will stop and say that I love them all! Every Kathy has been so lovely to work with, and fun too, so here's my call out to all the Kathy's out there.......
(Oh, and if you are not a Kathy, you are welcome too!!!)
These sets however was made for the gorgeous Kathy K and her lovely Mum.
They are classically beautiful. but with a modern twist. My photos don't actually capture how gorgeous the pearls are in colour feel or weight, nor the sparkling quality of the Swarovski Diamonte, which is a pity, but what is exciting is when my customers actually receive their pieces for the first time and take in all their lovely qualities.
Check out my feedback, it reflects this quite well, here is a link
And now check out these sets.
For Kathy, a necklace and bracelet
and for her Mum, a necklace, earrings and shoe clips.

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