Welcome to my Lulu Splendor blog, where I feature my brides on their wedding day, as well as unique jewelery and accessories handcrafted by me!


How could I have forgotten to show off these gorgeous customs?
Oh dear! I did!
So..... here they are;

Allison's Bracelet:
Clara's Bridal set and matching Maid of Honor earrings ( I have had LOTS of emails about this set and am currently remaking these earrings for a few other brides!)

And Tara's sets, Pins for the bridesmaids and a STUNNING clip for Tara. This clip is TDF

There.... I was slow to show them off, but surely it was worth the wait?


  1. As Clara, I think they are SO gorgeous! I am so glad that other people are getting on the "Awesome Clara Earrings" bandwagon.

  2. All of your work is worth the wait, how elegant and beautiful!

  3. Yes, I will put them in my store and call them Clara! Perfect.

    Thanks Kimberly ((HUG))

  4. Love LOVE LOVE!

    You would not believe the oohs and aahs the set has generated from people I have shown them to.