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Victoria Goodridge Unique Handcrafted Bags

Now here are some items of splendor that I didn't make. Today I am showing off something equally beautiful, that isn't for special occasions and dressing up, that is for everyday and just screams out comfort with unique style! These bags are handcrafted by the lovely Victoria, and they seriously remind me of my favourite jeans. Why? Because I always know they are going to look great and they are super comfortable and cosy.
Victoria's bags are made from gorgeous soft cottons and fabrics, where she carefully matches colours, patterns textures and trims. They are fully lined and softly padded for form and shape. These bags are made to fit. Victoria uses her bags personally ( she has a grand and enviable variety!) and so she knows exactly how long the straps need to be so they stay comfortably on the shoulder. She knows what size they need to be to hold exactly what you need to carry without it falling out everywhere.  I know they fit just right because they are the bag of choice for many of the Mum's at our school, and that in itself is a wonderful testimony. Its rather amusing to have a conversation with Victoria and have other ladies clamouring to her to ask about her latest creations!
The attention to detail on these lovelies is supreme. They have that something extra that makes them unique. Besides the fact that she never makes the same bag twice, she collects special buttons and trims to decorate the bags, and has  a perfect eye for placement. I am sure she does customs too if a special colour combination or size is required.
Go check them out! You will find her Here.

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