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Julie's Set of Loveliness

Everything about this set is absolutely TDF, except my photos. I do not know why, but shooting reds have always seemed to be an issue, but now I can add Swarovski Padparadascha to the list of trouble makers!
This divine set is a mix of Padparadascha (a very pretty coral colour), light peach, golden shadow and light Colorado topaz. I love the way that the each set is unique and yet uniform with the colour bringing it together. I have included a little 'stock' sample colour below which will give reference to the actual colours, as you will see, my photos look nothing like the 'real' thing.
Perhaps its time to invest in a new camera?
Julie, I hope you love it! Cant wait to hear what you think!

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  1. I always have a difficult time shooting reds. Each and every single time. I have a very nice camera and can never truly capture the color. Love the jewels!