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Veils and Veil Clips

I have just finished making this veil and veil clip set for Kristen, whose wedding is coming up very shortly.
I had not made veil before, and it wasn't through lack of will, it was a time thing, but I was really pleased to have the opportunity to make one.
The biggest obstacle for me was not the actual construction but the detail in the finish. It's my terribly precise nature to make sure that everything looks finished and fabulous and it always bothered me about what went on the other side of the veil, you know that side that you dont see in the pictures? The current fashion is for an asymmetrical fascinator or brooch for one side of the veil, but what happens on the other side? I know the slide is tucked into the hair, but what of the bar? Is it just placed there unfinished and ugly?
My solution was to cover and decorate the slide part with a co-ordinating vintage filigree and trim it with a little rhinestone. Very minimal and very delicate, but defiantly 'finished'

Heres some pics to show:
The veil:
Close up of the slide in the hair:
Then add the brooch over the top of the slide:
Looks great doesn't it?
Heres some close ups off the head:
This is what it looks like as single pieces
And here clipped over the top.
The veil is actually put in the hair and whilst it on, you clip the brooch over the top. The alligator clip on the back is really strong, so it holds well. This way, later the veil can be removed and the clip can go back in the hair, and better still, you can continue to wear the clip after the wedding too. An, added bonus!
And lastly this shot shows my 'system' from the back.

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