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New Rhodium Fascinators

I have made some pretty new fascinators for my store. As usual, they are highly detailed and complex in construction. I just cant leave well enough alone and keep it simple when it comes to these beauties! I just love to layer and layer and keep them soft and textured and interesting.
My fascinators are special because I design all my own clip decorations for the front, so they are totally unique and only available from me.
They are all really well constructed.... Not a glue gun in sight!
These are heirloom quality and will last for years!
They are in my Etsy store Lulu Splendor right now.

This little lovely is an add on I wanted to show off, for me, it's a bit of love at first sight!
I have made this for Stephanie, my lovely customer who I have made all sorts of pieces for. This will be for a costume she is planning for Halloween (is that right Steph?)
I suspect though, she might wear it again

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