Welcome to my Lulu Splendor blog, where I feature my brides on their wedding day, as well as unique jewelery and accessories handcrafted by me!

Custom Sketches

I do a lot of custom work, and these pictures illustrate the 'sketch' I show my customers when designing the pieces, and also the finished product.
Most things start out as a raw brass vintage component. They are then soldered, drilled shaped, hammered, trimmed or whatever they need doing to manipulate them into what I need them to be. The pieces are then fully assembled and sent away to be plated as a whole piece, including the beads! I like to do it this way because the finish is beautiful, and the surface perfect. I never use pre assembled pieces or pre-plated pieces and simply assemble together. After the pieces are back from the platers, I set every pearl and rhinestone by hand. Its very intricate work!
This is why I need lots of lead time for my pieces, and I am unable to accommodate rush orders.


  1. i just absolutely love this bracelet. when i get some time to myself, i shall come by and shop at your etsy shop

  2. Amazing work! I cant wait untill October for my wedding day so I can wear my special pieces you made for me! x