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Cake Toppers

I am just taking  moment to show off these Cake Toppers that I am making for Kirsty
I actually never knew that such thing existed until she contacted me about them. I live in a cocoon world you see............
What you see her is the piece in progress and by no means are they finished, but don't they look great! OOOHH I love them! I have hand crafted the letters and trimmed them in coordinating components that I used in her bridesmaids sets found HERE. These letters will be plated in Matt gold and trimmed in vintage coloured rhinestones of champagnes plums and purples, and the, artistically stabbed into her wedding cake!
DELIGHTFUL, I think I am going to offer them in my store as a custom item. I can just see all the options I can make and how I can coordinate them each to the jewellery. SO ELEGANT!
I shall keep you posted on the finished product, they will go to the platers Monday morning.
And Kirsty, you MUST send me a pic of these beauties in the cake so I can share.

Here you see them after I added the spikes. I took the brass out to the shed and ground them down to these lovely sharp things!
I think after the wedding it would be possible the snip them off with some side cutters and have the letters mounted and framed. It'd look so elegant.


  1. OMG!!!..those are TDF!! Goodness, now there is something else I'm going to have to get. Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the Ivy on these! But my cake is going to be so small...maybe you could offer different sizes???...So beautiful Carla!

  2. Hi Kelley! Aren't they fabulous?
    I think I need to get married again too.

    You know where I am!