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How about a headband?

With Headbands being the current accessory of high fashion, I thought I had better give some the Lulu Splendor Touch.  I was approached last year to make some for a bride with short hair, as they would be the perfect choice, but at that time I didn't have a great supply of the right headband. My criteria was that they had to be thin and elegant, metal... obviously, so I could solder onto it and comfortable to wear. I cannot stand headband arms digging into my head. Accessories must be comfortable to wear so that you forget they are there.
Here is a good opportunity for me to digress to tell you a story about comfortable hair accessories..........
I am a pretty busy person. I am firstly a Mum of three children, then after that I 'make'. These are my priorities. Most days you wont find 'dressed', Oh, I do wear clothes, but its usually comfortable stuff, anyhow one day I was making bows for little girls. You know the BIG pink cute spotted kinds? Well, my hair was in my eyes so I just grabbed one and threw it in my hair and clipped my fringe (bangs, if you are in the USA) out of my eyes.  Of course I forgot it was there. Later I rushed out to the fruiterer and the video shop. On my way home I run my fingers thru my hair to discover that the big pink spotted bow was till there, right at the top of my head.
Yes, I died of embarrassment on the spot. What almost 40 year old (at the time) woman gets about with that kind of get up in her hair? Me obviously.
There are two lessons to be learned here.
1. Glance in the mirror before you leave the house. Hopefully that experience wont be too bad.
2. Wear the accessories that you make to ensure they are comfortable.
Well, I can now tick both of those boxes. I assure you.

This includes these headbands. They are of the set and forget variety.
Here they are are, as modelled by my beautiful Grace.
I must point out that I made these with adults in mind. I thought they would be fabulous for weddings and formal occasions, but looking at them on Gracie, I have decided that they are far more versatile than that, they are hair jewellery for all girls, any hair style and any occasion!

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