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Kathy's Evolving Custom Order

I love a custom for several reasons. 
Firstly because the creative collaboration is stimulating. Its so much fun to make a piece that completes a look in a unique way. Mostly though, I love the personal level that's involved and the very special part that I am allowed to play in someones wedding or special occasion. I know that every time my customer looks at a photograph after the big day, its not usually the whole dress you see, or the type of car they drove, or the colour of the serviettes, its usually of their face and its surrounded and adorned by my jewellery, and that jewellery is going to be on show for the rest of their married lives. Because of this, its really important to me that they love it and remember the experience in a positive way, even in the years to come when the fashion changes!

I first met Kathy when she bought some Rosey Pins for her bridesmaids in 2008. These pins are completely and romantically lovely. They are all hand painted and distressed and have the pretty little beaded sprigs. The particular shade of pink is completely divine.
Here they are:

Please excuse the fact that the photos are blown out, if it appears that way on your computer monitor. I have recently changed to an iMac (love love love) and see my pics in a whole new light... literally, but iMac love is a story for another day............ back to Kathy.
 After Kathy received her pins, she asked me for bridesmaids necklaces to match. I often sketch the design, but in this occasion I found it easier to lay all the bits down and take a photo sketch.
I have taken all the elements of the pins and combined them into a necklace. A larger hand painted rose sits asymmetrically on a vintage brass chain with scattered beads in shades of pink.

I cannot express how impressed I was when Kathy sent me the pic below. She has taken my photo sketch and Photoshopped it onto her Bridesmaid dress stock photo. This is a skill to be cherished! LOL! Kathy is a soul mate! I thought I was the only one detail obsessed. Its comforting to know I am not alone!
Bridesmaids design sorted; onto Kathy, a post to be continued!

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  1. Absolutely stunning! I adore them!