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I have been asked my my lovely Etsy customer Zike to create a custom set based around my 'Blue Swallow' earrings. This was to be a 3 piece set consisting of hair accessory, earrings and ring. I jumped at the opportunity as I am particularly fond of those earrings, I just love the mix of metal finishes, it ties the whole lot together and just looks great.
I firstly begun figuring out the ring, as I knew the earrings already since they were already for sale in my Etsy shop. The clip was the easiest as I just instinctively knew how it was to look.
For some reason, and I have no idea why, the blue decided it wasn't going to oxidize. I tried for two whole days to get it right. For some reason, the metal decided not to turn blue, but rather black, which completely defeated the purpose of the 'blue' bird. Never one to give up , I persevered and finally found success by blue oxidising a small part of my stainless steel sink (strange but true) and then layering the components I needed on top and then adding the chemical. it seems it needed a bit of feeder oxidization to get the process started.
So, I would say its a success all round. I love the result, and have made an extra clip for the Lulu store, but I might actually keep it for myself for a change.
I have  a GREAT idea for a matching necklace though..........

But for now, these little birds have a long flight ahead of them from Melbourne to Paris.

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