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Handmade Couture Hair Flowers

I have a been making some very pretty Bridal Hair Flowers this weekend.
I start with a trip to the Fabric store for some gorgeous quality Bridal Satin and Tulle. 
I draft all my own patterns for my flowers and every petal is hand cut and shaped by me. Each flower has at least 10 layers so they have  a lovely fullness to them. They are lots of work, but also very satisfying to make.
The great thing about my hair flowers, is that not only do I make the actual flowers myself, I also handcraft the jewel centerpieces! Like all my jewelery, they start with vintage and vintage tooled brass componentry, which I shape and solder, have plated and then hand set all the petals and stones.

The best thing about my pieces is their originality. There's nothing thats store bought on them, nothing pre-made, mass made or hashed into something new. Perfect for Brides wanting quality couture pieces. I can also make all the matching jewelry. What could be better?

One little catch........ I will not be taking custom orders on my hair flowers. Each is original and is sold as OOAK. My workspace is too small to allow me to have flower making set up full time!

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