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A Most Glamourous, Classy set for Jessica.

I finished Jessica's Bridal Jewelry and posted it to her about 10 days ago, so it should arrive very soon. Checking back through my photos, and looking back on this one makes me smile. Jessica was totally joyful to deal with form the start to finish and is a perfect example of how a typical custom order with me works. Just to give you a bit of an idea, I would say that this order spans about 8 weeks from first contact to sending the piece off for delivery.
This totally classy and glam set started with a convo through Etsy with Jessica looking for a three piece set for her wedding day. She had a reasonable idea of what she was looking for:
*mostly pearly
*defiantly stranded
*asymmetrical necklace
* a dotty kind of pattern to match her dress
*and she had seen a pair of earrings that she was drawn to that had a 'circle' on them.
and then we went to work...... back and forth........ with questions and ideas until I finally had enough information for a sketch and quote.

Although it was to be a three piece set, I don't always design all three pieces at once. The design process occurs organically, and as the feature pieces are confirmed, the rest just kind of happens.
After approval, the second step is actually soldering all the metal together. I use vintage Brass pieces which I source from the USA and Europe. I have laid out my raw pieces in these pics to give Jessica a better idea of how the completed piece will look, so at this stage nothing is finished, and its still all part of the design process. This stage also gives a better idea of proportion.
Jessica knew how long she wanted the earrings, but it wasn't until this stage that I can accurately measure how long they were going to be...... they were perfect!
Here's the necklace feature in its raw state.
I send all the metal away to be plated in the colour of my clients wishes. Jessica chose Rhodium. I love rhodium, it has a great vintage feel to it, and a lovely glossy sheen.
When the plating returned, Jessica was able to decide on the pearl/crystal balance.These are the photos that I sent her showing the combinations available:

She chose a quite pearly finish, and here's the finished product, fully trimmed and strung, and totally totally classy. It'll look AMAZING with her Dress, which is Amazing in itself!

I can't wait to see some wedding photos Jessica (hint hint!). Thank you so much for letting me share your wedding day in this special way, I hope you love your set.

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